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Cost Savings Calculator
Detailed Savings Calculator
Enter the following values to calculate your monthly savings using vanpool.
Your daily round trip commute distance from home to work (in miles)
Total days per month you normally work
Average vehicle fuel consumption (in miles per gallon)
Cost of gasoline you normally pay (in $ per gallon)
Cost per mile for repairs, registration, maintenance and taxes *
Cost per mile for financing, insurance and depreciation *
Payment for monthly parking
Your estimated Monthly cost of commuting:
Your estimated Yearly cost of commuting:
Your estimated Monthly savings: **
Your estimated Yearly savings: **
* Cost per mile estimates based on AAA’s MY 2008 Cost of Owning and Operating a Vehicle.
** The best vanpooling scenario will be considered where all the seats are occupied.
    (The current vanpooling cost is set at $0.10 per mile)

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