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Our Carpool Program, available in selected areas is modeled after our successful vanpool program. Participants enjoy the same flexibility and attributes - only they do so in a car.

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What is a carpool?
How does it work?
What's it cost?
What now?
Is that all there is to it?

What is a carpool?
A carpool is a group of 2 - 6 people who commute together on a regular basis in a car.

How does it work?
One person volunteers to be the "volunteer driver" of the car. The driver and the riders share the cost of the monthly carpool fare.

Riders usually meet at a designated pick-up location like a shopping center parking lot or a park and ride location. Some groups have more than one pick-up point, some don't. And it's the same with drop-off points at the destination. It all depends on the nature and needs of the carpool group. Of course the fewer stops, the faster you'll get to work and home again.

What's it cost?

Because you share the cost with up to 5 other people, carpooling is typically less expensive than driving yourself to work. To see what your drive alone commute costs are click here .

The monthly fee includes the vehicle, insurance and all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. In addition the group will have to plan on splitting fuel, washing, parking and toll costs. It varies, but carpoolers can plan to spend from $100 - $200 a month for their carpool.

What now?
To learn more about us - keep cruising the site.

If you're interested in starting a carpool of your own, the commute experts in your local customer service center make it a snap! They'll help you every step of the way by working with you to:

  1. Assist you qualify as a primary driver *.
  2. Set a start date and create a time line to get your carpool on the road.
  3. Determine the basic carpool route, pick up and drop off times.
  4. Estimate monthly expenses.
  5. Advertise for and sign up riders.
  6. Establish general carpool guidelines.
  7. Set policies and a schedule for payment.
  8. Meet with potential riders.
  9. Confirm the route, the start date, collect your payment andů Go!

Ready to start a carpool of your own? Call us at 1.800.VanRide, email us, or click below to download our Driver Application form. Simply fill out the form and fax it to your local Customer Service Center. You can find the fax number on the "Contact Us" page under the "About VPSI" tab above.

Driver Application

Is that all there is to it?
Whether you're riding on a van or operating your own carpool, ridesharing with us is that easy! We've been helping folks rideshare for over 27 years. It's all we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

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