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Corporate History

Our company started in the mid-seventies, about the same time the word "vanpool" was first uttered. A couple of enterprising young men in Chrysler Corporation's Office of Public Responsibility launched the Chrysler Employee Vanpool Program as a way to conserve fuel and reduce vehicle emissions. The program was a success so Chrysler organized a subsidiary company and gave us the mission "…to provide innovative transportation services."

During our formative years we worked with transit agencies across the country and developed the foundation for what is commonly referred to as "third-party" vanpooling* - or vanpooling as we know it today in several regions across the country.

Since incorporating in 1977, we've grown and broadened the range of services that we provide. Today we operate commuter transportation and mobility management programs from over 40 Customer Service and/or Commuter Centers serving 50 major urban areas throughout the world!

In just over 30 years we've become the largest private provider of commuter vanpool transportation services in the world. We employ over 130 people; maintain a fleet of over 5,000 vans in top condition; and accommodate over 25 million passenger-trips annually in VPSI-operated vehicles.

* Provides vanpool service to the general commuting public, or on behalf of a sponsoring agency who helps defray the cost to participants.

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