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Current Vanpool Routes
Click Here for current vanpool routes. If you find a route that fits your commuting needs, please contact the MichiVan office.
Find a Vanpool!
Visit our new vRide site for joining new vanpools. You may contact poolers directly and start new pools quicker, or just find riders for your existing vanpool. Click here to try it out today!
Existing Commuters
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Termination Information
Click here to use the MichiVan Online Commuter Vanpool Termination Form.
MichiVan pre-bills a month in advance. In order to NOT get billed for the month in which you are terminating you need to submit termination by the 10th of the previous month. For example: If you are NOT planning on riding for the month of July, you will need to submit your online termination no later than June 10th.
Payment Information
The federal government has transitioned from VPSI CommuterBuck vouchers to negotiable Tran Ben Checks, MichiVan is required to institute a change in where your payments are sent. Please click here for updated information.
Click here for more information on MDOTs MiCommute
Click here to find your Local Rideshare Office (LRO)
Michivan Recognition Program
This is one of the best programs to assist commuters with trying to save money, transportation cost, and the environment at the same time. Depending on the number of individual joining a van pool, that many extra vehicles are not contributing to the affect of gas by-products harming the environment, no hassle finding a parking space, and form a new group of friends that may have some of the same hobbies. We can catch up on work from the office or college courses, sleep, or network among the group for different issues. The biggest advantage of joining a van pool is the cost savings!! You save on your household budget with cost savings from $200 to $450 on up per month! You can't beat being a member of a van pool for saving money on commuting to/from work.
-Vanpooler at Selfridge Air Base

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