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VPSI, Inc. as a private provider of public transportation operates over 300 vanpools all across the state of Georgia. Regardless of your current commuter pattern, vanpooling is an alternative way for you to get to and from work. Not only are there numerous environmental benefits to vanpooling, there are also many social and financial benefits. To find out more about how to minimize the cost of your commute use our on-line search tool to find an existing vanpool or to start your own vanpool.

Find a Vanpool
For information on starting or joining a vanpool click here

Vanpool Search
Use our on-line matching tool to locate a vanpool route in your area that meets your commute requirements. Vanpools are a public transportation service and are open to the general public.

For Vehicle Maintenance questions click here or submit your maintenance request on-line.

In an effort to improve our maintenance process for your vanpool, we have created an online maintenance request form for you to use to schedule your maintenance.

Simply Click here to submit a maintenance request.

Once you submit this easy to use form it will come directly to the VPSI office and will enable us to expedite and control the maintenance service for your vanpool.

Customer Service
For Accounting, Driver Administration & Fuel Card assistance click here.

Find out why vanpooling is a cost effective alternative for your daily commute.

Commute Cluster Analysis For Employers
Through a Cluster Analysis, VPSI staff can provide you with a series of maps that highlight the home origin points of each of your employees. This information allows you to target clusters of employees who fit the vanpool profile.

Vanpool Forms
Ready to apply to start your own vanpool and need the next steps and forms? In a vanpool now and need to add a driver or make changes? You can find forms and information here: Getting Started FORMS

VPSI, Inc. through its contract with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) operates vanpools in the Metro Atlanta Regional Vanpool Program. Active Vanpools which provide monthly ridership and route information to VPSI/GRTA are eligible to receive a subsidy. The subsidy amount is evaluated annually, and the current monthly support amount is $300.00 per van.
What is the CATS vanpool? Now anyone who lives or works in Cherokee County has another way to get to work. A vanpool is a group of commuters who are "ride-matched" by home and work location into a group and commute to and from work together. A volunteer primary driver and fellow commuters meet at a designated location and commute together to work daily. New or late model vans are provided by VPSI Commuter Vanpools. VPSI offers a full turn-key package including fuel, maintenance, and insurance.
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Relationships at over 100 military installations serving over 50 major urban areas throughout the world! Be sure to visit our site today to view current routes!

The transportation community has its own set of terms to describe various agencies, programs, and funding area. Click here for a translation of many of the more common acronyms in use in the industry.
**VPSI, INC. is a private provider of public transportation**

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