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34 Things You Can Do
We can all do our part to help save our environment and support cleaner air. Below is a list of 34 things we can adjust in our everyday lives to help save our planet. 
Drive Wise

Reduce automobile use. Whenever possible walk, bike, car or van pool or use mass transit. 22 lbs. of CO2 is saved per gallon of gas saved.

2.Maintain your vehicle. Keep tires properly inflated, replace filters and keep tuned.
3.Don't top off gas or overfill tank. Avoid spilling gas at the fuel pump by carefully placing and removing the hose and nozzle.
4.Combine trips. More cold starts mean more emissions.
5.Avoid idling, rush-hour traffic and use cruise control. Turn engine off, save fuel and keep air clean.
6.Purchase a fuel efficient or electric vehicle. Drive your newer car on long trips for better emission control.
7.Park in the shade when possible. Avoid evaporative emissions from your sun-heated gas tank.
8.Report smoking vehicles. 1-800-END-SMOG
Live Wise
9.Conserve energy. Turn off lights when you leave a room and replace bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, run the dishwasher only when full and use energy-setting to dry, wash cloths in warm or cold water instead of hot.
10.Ask your utility company for a home energy audit and tips. Add insulation where inefficient .
11.Don't over heat or cool rooms. Use a programmable thermostat or a fan instead of an air conditioner whenever possible.
12.Replace windows with the most energy-saving models. Caulk and weatherstrip around doors and windows.
13.Replace appliances with the most energy-efficient models. 3,000 lbs. of CO2 can be saved with an energy-efficient refrigerator.
14.Install low-flow shower heads to save hot water.
15.Wrap or insulate your hot water heater.
16.Clean or replace air filters. Cleaning an air conditioner filter can save 5% of the energy used.
17.Reduce waste. Buy less packaged goods, and choose recycled and reusable instead of disposable.
18.Plant trees around your house for shade. Paint your home a light color in a warm climate, a dark color in a cold climate.
19.Use a propane or gas barbecue instead of charcoal. Start briquettes with an electric probe.
20.Use water based paints and products. Look for products labeled zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
21.Consider manual or electric lawn equipment.
22.Recycle paper, plastic and metal.
Shop Wise
23.Buy an energy efficient or electric vehicle
24.Buy less packaged goods, and choose recycled and reusable instead of disposable.
25.Buy the most energy-efficient appliances.
26.Use environmentally safer products. For example baking soda instead of harsh cleanser. Visit greenmarketplace.com.
Work Wise
27.Telecommute or use teleconferencing technologies.
28.Ask your employer to install bike racks and support vanpool programs.
29.Ask your employer to buy and maintain energy efficient fleets.
30.Pack a lunch instead of driving to a restaurant.
31.Speak out. Tell friends, family and co-workers what you're doing and why.
32.Write your local paper or elected representative. Support actions for cleaner air.
33.Use both sides of copy and printer paper and recycle used paper.
34.Be informed about environmental issues.

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